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Story Behind the Photos -Africa

We just left base and was told it would only take a couple hours to get to the village.  The small little van holding 9 people and barely being held together by duct tape was our transportation.  Three hours had past, and still the journey was a long one ahead.  Six hours, and still even further.  We could see the mountains in the distance which didn’t look so big at first, but the closer we got, the more massive they became.  Oops, something fell off and we had to go back and get it, so we added a little more duct tape and keep going. If you looked down as you were sitting in the van You could see the road and everything seemed to be held together with a prayer.  As we got to the hill I looked up and we were about to attempt the impossible.  Taking this van which could collapse at any time up a road I wouldn’t even take a 4×4 Jeep up.  But we were go, God help us!

Barely making it up to the top, praying for dear life the entire time, we thought we were at our destination, but we still had a longer journey.  Two hours later we start to go down this hill and at the bottom was a river that we had to cross.  So full speed ahead, the driver bombs it and makes it through and heads up the other side only to get stuck.  We had to get all of our stuff out of the car and give it a good push.  As we all got out we could hear voices in the distance.  It sounded like thousands of voices singing something.  We journeyed on and about a half hour later were on the verge of getting to the village and the voices were stronger than ever.  It was beautiful and from every direction.  As we got there, they had been singing all day waiting on us to show up.  Their dedication and perseverance was beyond anything I could imagine and all because they were thankful and blessed that we would travel the world just to see them.

This picture was snapped during a beautiful sunset while they were all holding gospel tracts that we passed out.  They were so excited to receive from us that they had to show it off.  This was a huge blessing to be part of and this photo shows the Joy that they all carried.  It was the little things in life that they valued and made them happy.

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Stories Behind the Photos – The Wire Glasses

africa kidWe just had a long drive into the village and when we got there, all of the kids were super excited that we had shown up.  They all started running up to the bus and just wanted to see the “Mzungus“. (The White People)  As the kids got close, the adults had to step in and push them away so we didn’t run any of them over.  As we looked out, all we could see was excitement in these kids faces and it brought us so much joy!  But when we stepped off the bus to go setup everything, there was one little kid that came up to me and a friend, noticed that she was wearing glasses, smiled and ran off.

A couple minutes later, he came back and had found some wire and made his own glasses just to be like her.  As I looked over to see this kid, I had to take a picture because it was the coolest thing the see him want to mimic her, even to what was on her face.  From that point we knew that they were hungry and God was going to use us in mighty ways to bring the Gospel to this village.  And that is what He did, thousands heard the gospel that day and many came to Christ.

~Travis Silva

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