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Mary’s Surrender, the birth of Jesus

Forgiven Stock - Mary

Mary had just given birth to the Son of God himself. What must have been going through her mind and heart? What a responsibility. What an honor. God handpicked her for this very special mission. But her circumstances were not what she might have hoped for. She probably would rather have given birth in the comfort of her own home, with fresh linens and a bed to sleep on. With friends and family close by, and a trusted midwife to help her with her first birth.

But sometimes, the most incredible miracles happen in very unexpected moments. In the less-perfect moments. In the unplanned. The times, where we feel least in control. Even in a stable. That is where God is in full control, and will use even the most chaotic situations to serve His purpose.
That’s when we look up and decide to trust that he is Sovereign. It’s not a feeling, but an intentional act of worship. And that is what brings his Father heart the most JOY. When we have faith in Him and His plan for our lives.

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It’s a dark world, Be the light

Candle Light Service

It’s been a really difficult year. 2020 will forever mark a time in history that was filled with fear, uncertainty, pain, sickness, loss, anger, hatred, and confusion. People have suffered through isolation, losing their jobs, and the death of their loved ones. And as the months pass by, people start to lose more hope, and reason to live.

This is where we come in. “You are the light of the world” is Jesus’ answer. He knew that darkness has a tendency to try and overtake, dominate, and control. But He has already overcome the world. And as his followers, he gave us a powerful weapon to fight darkness; His very own Spirit, who shines through us and lets the world know that there is HOPE. And that is exactly what all those people are desperate for.  Those living in darkness need hope for change, for healing, and restoration. Hope for true comfort and a hope for eternity. We carry that hope inside of us. So don’t hide it. Open your windows and let everyone see it. Look into the eyes of the people that you pass today, and speak hope into their lives. Pray for healing over the sick. Help someone in need. Tell others about Jesus. And before you know it, those around you will light up. And the more light that shines, the less darkness there will be.

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Candle Light Service

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What’s in Focus

Autumn LeavesWhen you look through the lens of a camera, you get to pick your object of focus. The little “red squares” help you define what the lens should sharpen, and the rest of the details will be blurry. The creative part is that you get to pick what the viewer of your artwork will focus on.

Our lives are no different. Each of us is a piece of art in the making. And we get to choose our focus. Am I focusing on the negative or the positive in my life? Are all the things that are not going my way highlighted, or is it the good, that I chose to bring into focus?

Just because you chose to focus on the good and the blessings of life, doesn’t mean that everything is good. The hard circumstances, the trials, and the tensions we sometimes need to live with can sometimes feel overwhelming. But will it dominate the main focus of your picture? Or will you choose to focus on all the things you can be thankful for?

“ Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thess. 5:18

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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