Lake Takepo – The Church in the Middle of Nowhere

Lake Takepo New ZealandLake Takepo New Zealand

The Church of the Good Shepherd

Pretty much in the middle of nowhere you will find this small little church that is arguably the most photographed attraction in New Zealand.  If the weather is good, it will be packed and tons of people walking around to enjoy the landscape and beautiful views.  If you wait long enough when everybody leaves (Usually around 2am), then you can get a clear shot of the church with the Milky Way passing by highlighting this 100 year old building.  The church in Lake Takepo is arguably one of the most photographed spots in all of New Zealand and with a view like this you don’t question why.

This was one of the most amazing sites I have ever seen.  If you stand at the back of the church during the day, you will see a view of the lake which glows in the sun and is a clear teal color.   In the winter, you can see snow on the mountains and it brings a totally different dynamic.  During the night the stars seem to go forever.  I would highly recommend going to the south island of New Zealand and see why so many movies have been shot here.

If you haven’t put New Zealand on your bucket list, add it now.  You will be in awe of how amazing God’s creation is and will just be blown away by his creativity.  But make sure you take a longer trip because there is so much to see and two islands full of beauty.  If you can’t afford that, it is still worth the short trip.  Just have things well planned out.

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