Stories Behind the Photos – The Wire Glasses

africa kidWe just had a long drive into the village and when we got there, all of the kids were super excited that we had shown up.  They all started running up to the bus and just wanted to see the “Mzungus“. (The White People)  As the kids got close, the adults had to step in and push them away so we didn’t run any of them over.  As we looked out, all we could see was excitement in these kids faces and it brought us so much joy!  But when we stepped off the bus to go setup everything, there was one little kid that came up to me and a friend, noticed that she was wearing glasses, smiled and ran off.

A couple minutes later, he came back and had found some wire and made his own glasses just to be like her.  As I looked over to see this kid, I had to take a picture because it was the coolest thing the see him want to mimic her, even to what was on her face.  From that point we knew that they were hungry and God was going to use us in mighty ways to bring the Gospel to this village.  And that is what He did, thousands heard the gospel that day and many came to Christ.

~Travis Silva

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